The Importance of Regular Commercial Dishwasher Servicing & Maintenance

Commercial dishwasher

Regular commercial dishwasher servicing & maintenance is an essential part of the machine’s operation and effectiveness. This service will help ensure that the food waste is removed correctly, maximising cleaning power and reducing the chance of a clogged drain caused by food waste. Regular maintenance also enables your staff members to maintain the commercial dishwasher more easily, giving them a greater sense of ownership of its performance. This article discusses the importance of regular commercial dishwasher servicing and maintenance.

Improves performance

Dishwashers are engineered to deliver optimal performance over the unit’s life. However, on account of daily use, the components of your commercial dishwasher can be damaged or clogged with food waste and grease. As a result, proper maintenance and servicing can help maintain these devices at peak performance levels.

Reduces your need for replacement parts

Regular servicing and maintenance help prevent costly replacement parts from being needed as often by minimising problems before they develop into serious issues that could eventually require replacement parts to fix.

Helps prevent damage to your commercial dishwasher

Using a commercial dishwasher without proper cleaning and maintenance can increase failure rates, costly repairs, and even replacement. To prevent these issues from arising in your establishment, arrange regular servicing and maintenance checks with your service company for the commercial dishwasher you use.

Recurring issues can often be avoided by performing these check-ups because the technicians involved will identify problems before they become serious. That way, they can be corrected immediately during routine cleaning checks.

Keeps your service running smoothly

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of machine failure that can have a negative effect on your restaurants service. With larger commercial dishwashers accommodating multiples tables’ dishes at once, breakdown can bring your service to a halt as staff are relocated to manual cleaning. Even if you opt for a commercial dishwasher repair company that offers a same day service, you’re still looking at several hours of disruption.

Helps reduce your costs

Routine servicing and maintenance of commercial dishwasher can help reduce the cost of repairs and replacement parts needed for your unit. This is because it minimises the damage that can be done to the machine that would otherwise lead to more costly repairs or replacements. Regular servicing and maintenance can also help avoid expensive commercial dishwasher repairs by identifying issues before they become more serious.

Tips for keeping the dishwasher clean and performing well

Sometimes, a commercial dishwasher is not performing properly, not because of wear and tear, but because of a lack of general daily care. Here are just a few things you can do on a daily basis to keep your commercial dishwasher performing to maximum efficiency between maintenance by a professional.

Check the filter – It is crucial to regularly check your commercial dishwasher to see if there has been any build-up of residue that can block the filter. Check the filter for the build-up of food and other objects regularly. You should only need to clean the filter about once a month.

Use the hot water rinse – Many commercial dishwashers have water heaters that can heat water and provide a hot water rinse. This may help remove any food stains, residue, or other objects on dishes after they have been cleaned.

Air dry dishes – You should always allow dishes to air dry before being put away. This can help remove any excess moisture left on the dish and prevent mould from forming.

Keep it Clean – Even though commercial dishwashers are designed to be easy, you still need to do it regularly. If not, gunk will build up inside and around the commercial dishwasher, which could eventually lead to clogs and other problems with the unit.


Keeping your commercial dishwasher in good condition is important for running your business or facility. However, you will want to be sure that you are doing so in a way that does not become expensive for you or for the commercial dishwasher itself. If one thing is for sure, it is this – having a commercial dishwasher that does not work properly can lead to more costly repairs. That makes regular maintenance and cleaning checks with your service company an important part of ensuring that the commercial dishwasher works well for you and your customers.

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