Office Furniture, Designs and Solutions for Post COVID Workplace

As the UK moves closer to total lockdown ease, many people that have worked remotely for the past year are preparing to return to their regular office workspace. It’s been almost a year since Covid has forced many companies to shut down their offices and transition to flexible work schedules from home. During this period, many workers schedules and job tendencies have changed, so workplaces need to adapt their offices with new design layouts and furniture selections.

Future-proofed furniture Post Covid

As we move forward to the new norm of office workplaces post-covid, business owners will need to future-proof their working environments using space-saving solutions, adaptable furniture, careful selection of desk surface, and area dividers that limit direct contact make public office spaces safe and post-covid friendly. Office chairs and desks that are easier to maintain and sanitise are a great example, Office partitions that can naturally enforce employees to social distance.

Space-saving solutions and space configuration

Lightweight and flexible products like foldable office chairs and foldable office desks are ideal since they are accessible to move, sanitise, reposition and store away to ensure safety and flexibility within your office floor plans. Poly material chairs have beneficial properties like lightweight, sturdy, all-weather proof and antibacterial proof. To maintain and sanitise your office furniture properly, all you need to do is apply an antibacterial cleaning liquid on a damp cloth and wipe it in a circular motion.

Flexibility between remote working and office workplace

Many employers would benefit from the flexibility to alternate between telecommuting and working directly at the office. Many offices resort to a smaller workforce to comply with social distancing precautions. This ideal solution will allow co-workers and their bosses to connect more frequently and seamlessly. Splitting workdays between remote working and working from the office means fewer people will have to work in a condensed area, and coworking workers can alternate throughout the week.

If you’re preparing for the return to office workplaces and looking to redesign your office space, now is the perfect time to think outside the box. The way we work is evolving due to the effects of the Pandemic, and unconventional office space and flexible workplaces are becoming the new norm. As many workers are getting accustomed to working whilst social distancing, it’s essential to create a comfortable and safer office environment for you and your employees.

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