Maximising Space In A Small Office

Maximising Space In A Small Office

Physical space is almost always a limiting factor for businesses. Even if you conduct most of your business online and you don’t need space for manufacturing products and so on, almost all companies at least need enough space to work comfortably and flexibility for meetings with staff and clients.

With this in mind, there are many things you can do to get the most value out of a small space. Consider a few of the following options.

Use folding tables and chairs

Space-saving furnishings that can be folded flat when not in use are a fantastic solution for many offices. Replace a bulky traditional desk or meeting table with a convenient folding table that you can move around or pack up easily. You can use folding chairs for the same reason if you occasionally need to accommodate more attendees than usual.

Go paperless

Storing paper records and files takes up an alarming amount of space after just a short time, and usually fills up heavy filing cabinets that get in the way and can’t be moved around easily. By switching to digital for as many systems as possible, you’re saving space as well as the environment.

Large furniture is out

It used to be the case that larger offices with larger furniture were associated with a better position in the hierarchy of a business. For the majority of businesses, this is an outdated concept because everyone tends to work on a computer and larger workspaces are redundant, plus bosses would rather cut down on costs than assert their authority with an oversized desk.

Stick to one flooring type

Dividing up a space into zones through the use of different flooring materials, carpets or rugs can be valuable in a large space, but isn’t appropriate for cramped offices as it restricts space further. Use your choice of flooring to create one multi-functional space.

Get cables organised

One of the major causes of untidiness in offices is having an abundance of cables taking up floor space and getting in the way on your desk. It’s often unavoidable to have the cables there, but you can keep them untangled, grouped neatly together and accurately labelled to minimise the disruption.

Make good use of lighting

An office with poor light will feel even smaller than it really is. If you have natural light coming in from a window this is ideal, but often that’s not the case. When choosing light fittings, maybe sure you go for something on the ceiling that doesn’t take up any valuable space. Floor lamps are an unnecessary waste of floor space, whereas LED spotlights embedded in the ceiling are ideal.

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