Investing properties in Liverpool during 2021

The vibrant and historic port city of Liverpool continues to exceed its reputation as one of the most exciting prospects for investors looking to invest in properties during 2021. Many investors have found successful and profitable ventures in recent years by building new properties and letting many properties that the city has to offer.

Why is it worth investing in Liverpool?

On a global scale, Liverpool is one of the must-visit cities with its rich history and culture attracting many visitors, whether for work, leisure, or long-term stays. During the past few years, Liverpool has been transformed through many regeneration projects, renovation schemes and many completed property developments. The city is still thriving for more with no signs of halting any time soon.

Regeneration and future project developments

Redevelopment of areas like the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool One and the Waterfront Docks have opened many job prospects and further increased the city’s growing economy. Overall, Liverpool’s appeal and potential are attracting businesses, job seekers, students and tourists to stay, meaning there is a constantly increasing demand for tenants.

Increasing demand in the rental market

The growing economy and many job vacancies on offer attract graduates and young professionals to live in the city. Many job seekers and entrepreneurs are increasing the demand for rental property in Liverpool, and the statistics are set to grow as the city moves forward. The city is one of the highest performing buy-to-let locations in the UK, with higher rental yields than major cities like London.

Higher demand for student accommodation

Boasting three universities and multiple college campuses, Liverpool has a high population of students residing within the city. Many graduates enjoy its culture, vibrant nightlife, friendly atmosphere, and city lifestyle so much that many choose to stay to live and work there permanently, which adds demand for student accommodation and private rental properties. For those who are looking to invest in student accommodation, there is no better city than Liverpool.

With property prices set to rise, now is the right time more than ever to consider investing in Liverpool while many properties are still affordable.

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