Health & Safety Training

As an employer it is your prime duty to keep your employees safe at work. People you may hire may not be aware of the hazards involved in the business or may not know how to act during an emergency such as fire, evacuation or hazards. It is the duty of the employer to ensure that every employee either on company rolls or contractual should be trained about the importance as well reaction during emergency situations. So, Health & safety training are of utmost importance.


How can Health & safety trainings be helpful?

· Employees will become aware, competent and careful.

· Mishaps, accidents and ill health causes can be avoided, so that the business will not suffer.

· Financial losses due to accidents, ill health, and production loses etc. can be minimized or eliminated.

hsEverybody needs Health & safety training. The Employers, employees, managers and supervisors, self employed/contractors, new joiners, young employees etc. ever body needs to know how can one stay safe and what one needs to know and do to keep everybody and everything safe.

The Employer must evaluate and decide that the work assigned to the employees does not exceed their capacity to ensure safety. The employer also needs to recognize the kind of training required by the employees in their organization and accordingly plan trainings with someone who knows the Health & safety rules for that particular business thoroughly.

The management needs to recognize the skills and knowledge needed for people to do their job in a safe and healthy way. A comparison is needed against people’s current skills and knowledge and

Identification of the gaps. Reviewing previous experience of injuries, near misses or cases of ill health.

The management needs to consult the employees and provide trainings during the working hours and not after that. Part time staff and shift worker too need to be taken into consideration. The method of training should be carefully charted out. These are different ways to impart training to the employees:

· giving information or instruction;training

· on-the-job training;

· special training for migrants who don’t understand the language

· classroom training;

· open and distance education;

· in groups or individually; and

· computer-based or interactive learning.

After imparting the training it is essential that you will have to evaluate how effective was the Health & safety training. For that the employees should undergo a test and the analysis will let the Employer understand the status and steps forward. If the employee needs more understanding they should be trained again.

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