Employing non-EEA or Swiss Candidates in the UK

employing skilled workers from outside the UK

Employing candidates from outside the UK is a great way for many employers to fill skilled positions which may be more difficult to fill with UK nationals. Positions such as healthcare professionals, science & research jobs, multi-language service jobs, sports and entertainment roles, may attract candidates from other countries that have a more niche skillset or specialist training.

Before seeking to employ non-EEA or Swiss candidates, you need to ensure you are eligable to employ them.

Free movement will cease at the end of this year, and Brexit will commence from the 1st January 2021. From this date forward, employers who are looking to hire a new non-EEA or Swiss citizens will have to follow the post-Brexit immigration system. As for new non-UK employees, each job applicant will need to apply for a work permit and visa before they can work in the UK.

You can choose to complete the applications yourself, however, by working with specialist immigration solicitors, you can ensure you are complying with the latest legal requirements.

Sponsor license

Employers will need to apply for a sponsor license when recruiting workers outside the UK. There are currently two types of sponsor license available. The tier 2 license applies to long term job offers in various sectors including general work, health care, Intra company transfer, sportsperson and minister of religion. The second type of license is tier 5, which is specifically for temporary employment.


Help Grow Your Company With Business Training

Once you have started a business, the task then turns to grow to the point at which it is profitable. However, this is not an easy task as there are so many things to learn while you trying to run the company’s day-to-day operations. With so much knowledge and varied skills required, it can be impossible to handle all these matters in-house.

Business support services offer training in a wide variety of fields from project management such as PRINCE2 or MSP Training, employee management to software training and sales force optimisation. You can get MSP foundation certifications and advanced project management courses from various accredited online institutions in the UK like MSPTraining.com.

A company that needs to implement the widely popular SAP suite of business software applications faces a hefty task if they try to accomplish this in-house. Not only would they need people with experience in SAP (System Analysis and Program Development) applications, but these employees should also have experience in teaching others on how to use the software. A superior solution can be to outsource SAP training to third-party service providers.
Outsourcing has many advantages as it leverages the expertise and experience of professional trainers. In this way, companies can save on the overhead costs required to launch and maintain the operations internally.

Another good example of using support services would be in the setting up of a customer contact centre. Such an operation may not be part of the company’s core mission but nonetheless, it may be an essential part of doing business.

By hiring a team to help company employees in customer contact centre operations, the business can save time, energy and resources. The support team will already have extensive experience in helping other clients establish such contact centres. Of course, nothing beats a well-trained employee that continually strives to improve the company’s methodology and business processes. Make sure to invest in training courses like Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in the UK.

While it may seem less expensive to handle it all internally, this is often the case because the decision makers do not put enough thought into how much work such training will actually require. In some instances, it may force the company to hire new people who have sufficient expertise in specific areas. Cultivating teamwork is as important as individual growth. Team building activities will also foster healthy competition and encourage mental concentration and physical exercise. The most popular travel and outdoor sports today are beach volleyball in Northumberland, rock climbing in London & SE area, and road buggy racing and paintballing in Dishford, Newcastle or North East. Arrange periodic workshop and group training for all your employees throughout the year.

By utilising these types of services, companies will know that they are receiving thorough instruction that covers the latest advancements in the field. Instead of a trial and error operation, training becomes more of a “turnkey” solution when you outsource the job to professionals.

Health & Safety Training

As an employer it is your prime duty to keep your employees safe at work. People you may hire may not be aware of the hazards involved in the business or may not know how to act during an emergency such as fire, evacuation or hazards. It is the duty of the employer to ensure that every employee either on company rolls or contractual should be trained about the importance as well reaction during emergency situations. So, Health & safety training are of utmost importance.


How can Health & safety trainings be helpful?

· Employees will become aware, competent and careful.

· Mishaps, accidents and ill health causes can be avoided, so that the business will not suffer.

· Financial losses due to accidents, ill health, and production loses etc. can be minimized or eliminated.

hsEverybody needs Health & safety training. The Employers, employees, managers and supervisors, self employed/contractors, new joiners, young employees etc. ever body needs to know how can one stay safe and what one needs to know and do to keep everybody and everything safe.

The Employer must evaluate and decide that the work assigned to the employees does not exceed their capacity to ensure safety. The employer also needs to recognize the kind of training required by the employees in their organization and accordingly plan trainings with someone who knows the Health & safety rules for that particular business thoroughly. (more…)